My dog has horrible breath, is this normal?

Why should I neuter my puppy?

Is the poinsettia plant really toxic?

I want a dog but don’t know what type to get, or where to get it?

We hope that all these questions and more will be addressed on our ‘Dog Friendly’ pages.

Your dog's life will be determined by genetics, nutrition and the care that you and your veterinarian provide. Make

sure that you learn what is in the best interest of you dog for a long and healthy life.

If your pet is suffering from severe bad breath, your dog may be in need of dental care. Click here to read up on dental care for your dog.

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If you are interested in choosing a new dog, be sure to click here for tips on making the best choice for you and your family.

Connecticut law requires all pets be vaccinated against the rabies virus. Click here to see all of the vaccines offered for your dog and see what will be best for his or her lifestyle.