Emergency Care Providers

Pieper Memorial is a 24 hour facility, located in Middletown. Their phone number is 860-347-8387.

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists (OSVS) is a 24 hour facility, located in East Greenwich, RI. Their phone number is 401-886-6787.

Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services (VETS) in Essex is closed as of Friday July 14th 2017.

Animal Poison Control Center

One of the scariest emergencies can be when your pet eats something that might be toxic. Is it really poisonous? And, if it is, is the dose really a threatening one? Questionable exposures, whether to chocolate, fertilizer, xylitol or the gorgeous plant from the florist, is something that needs immediate care.

Have the number to the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control (APC) handy: 1-888-426-4435.

There is a charge for the information so have a credit card with you when you call. Once the details of the incident are logged in by the specialists, you will get a case # (write it down!) that entitles you and your veterinarian to unlimited contact for that episode. The specialist will inform you about the severity of the exposure, what sort of first aid might be applicable, and whether a veterinary hospital visit is needed. Provide the case number to your veterinarian when discussing your pet.

Click here to go to the ASPCA Poison Control Website.

More Online Information

As pet health care professionals and pet owners ourselves, we understand that we all like to keep up to date with our pets' health and behavior issues. The internet provides a wealth of information - some good, some bad. If you have questions, we would love to be your source of information. As the adage goes, the only stupid question is the one not asked! However, we also realize that at 3 a.m. (or whenever our office is closed) you may have a burning question that we are unable to address.

VeterinaryPartner.com is a reputable and information-packed website provided for pet owners by the Veterinary Information Network.

We highly recommend checking it out!